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  • Saga Reina Roja – Red Queen (TV Series)

      The most incredible person you have ever met does not exist. Antonia Scott has such a brilliant and spectacular mind that she belongs to the … Read more

  • The Idhun Chronicles (TV Series)

    Available on Netflix  The Resistance | Triad | Pantheon  On the day that Ashran the Necromancer caused the conjunction of the three suns and the three … Read more

  • Bad decisions (Malas decisiones) (Podcast)

      Está en búsqueda y captura… ahora tiene que averiguar por qué. Miranda tiene 25 años y no tiene aspiraciones. Es amable, sociable y simpática, pero … Read more

  • No one on this Earth (Nadie en esta tierra)

    Los tiempos piden héroes, pero pocos están dispuestos a pagar el precio que cuesta ser uno.   Los tiempos piden héroes, y lo heroico significa no … Read more

  • Arruti’s gang (La banda de Arruti)

    La banda criminal más excéntrica de España. Arruti es un narcotraficante, Urrutxurt es un policía municipal con un largo historial de acosos y amenazas, Delgado es … Read more

  • Janis Joplin’s lover (El amante de Janis Joplin)

    The Mexican Forrest Gump. David Valenzuela is known as the “town idiot”, and at 20 years old he has missed out on the normal experiences for … Read more

  • A bunch of friends and a couple of cherries (Un puñado de amigos y dos cerezas)

    A weekend full of surprises which will change everyone’s life.   Cristina has two recurring nightmares: in one of them, the protagonist is her high school … Read more

  • David Ribas Series

    The Operative | The Terrorist Attack | The Kidnapping | Bombay Express | Bombay: No Way Out | Bombay: Last Revenge | Criminal Code | Terrorist … Read more

  • Dying by killing (Morir Matando) (TV Series)

    A terrible massacre leaves a girl orphaned and a violent hitman becomes her protector.   The media called it "the Piñata Massacre." On August 13, 2018, … Read more

  • Tequila effect (Efecto tequila)

    A former spy returns to save a country.   Elvis Alezcano, known among his colleagues as "Hendrix's Guitar," is a former agent of the Federal Security … Read more

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