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  • The Gospel (El evangelio)

    A call from destiny can turn into a miracle.       Eulalia is a twenty-year-old girl studying Education whose life is turned upside down when, … Read more

  • Blessed Art Thou (Bendita tú eres)

    A nun expelled from the convent for being transgender.     Angela is a nun who has spent more than thirty years cloistered in a convent. … Read more

  • The Anatomist (El anatomista)

    Women carry between their legs the keys to heaven and hell.   “What every man once dreamed of: the magic key that opens women's hearts, the … Read more

  • Jawbone (Mandíbula) (Serie TV)

    La perversión adolescente.     Esta historia gira alrededor de un brutal secreto: por qué la profesora de lengua y literatura ha secuestrado a una de … Read more

  • The Mice of God (Los ratones de Dios)

    Where there is cheese, there will always be mice.   In July 2011, the clergy of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the north of … Read more

  • The Gate (La puerta)

    Mysterious murders on the brink of the afterlife. Raquel, an intelligent and strong-willed woman, has worked as an agent in the criminal investigation unit with the … Read more

  • Cathedrals (Catedrales) (TV Series)

    The truth that we are denied will haunt us until the end of time. Ana Sardá was a 17-year-old devoted to Catholicism and close with her … Read more

  • The Last Pigeon (La última paloma)

    The past always comes back.  Diana Buffet is a 19-year-old girl who appears brutally murdered in a country house in Rota (south of Spain), next to … Read more

  • Bis

    A party like no other. Víctor is a popular and funny guy, while Martin is just the opposite… precautious, introverted and quite the over-thinker. Nevertheless, they … Read more

  • Just (Justo)

    True justice must be cold, implacable, dispassionate. Until now.   True justice must be cold, implacable, dispassionate. Each generation must have thirty six Justs. The Tzadik … Read more

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