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  • El dolor de los demás

  • El año en que nació el demonio

    ¿Cómo se distingue el bien del mal? Con una profunda investigación basada en hechos reales y la suficiente dosis de ficción, Roncagliolo nos adentra en la … Read more

  • The Church (La iglesia)

    Is there an evil that is older and more powerful than God Himself?   Ernesto Larraz is a Spanish priest who has been teaching at a … Read more

  • The Wild Girls (Las niñas salvajes)

    The gruesome murder of a nun uncovers a dark network of child trafficking.      Jimena Cruz is a journalist from Granada who works for a … Read more

  • Blessed Art Thou (Bendita tú eres)

    A nun expelled from the convent for being transgender.     Angela is a nun who has spent more than thirty years cloistered in a convent. … Read more

  • The Anatomist (Film/TV Series)

    Women carry between their legs the keys to heaven and hell.   “What every man once dreamed of: the magic key that opens women's hearts, the … Read more

  • The Mice of God (Los ratones de Dios)

    Where there is cheese, there will always be mice.   In July 2011, the clergy of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the north of … Read more

  • The Gate (La puerta)

    Mysterious murders on the brink of the afterlife. Raquel, an intelligent and strong-willed woman, has worked as an agent in the criminal investigation unit with the … Read more

  • The Karen Nieto Saga (TV Series)

    "Don't you ever let anyone tell you that you're inferior. You are not. You're simply different." Karen Nieto is a wild 12-year-old girl, without language, and … Read more

  • Diary of a Young Broke Rich Woman (Diario de una mujer rica sin dinero)

    Starting from scratch after having had the world at your feet.     Leonor's life was easy and carefree. She lived a “boujee” life, focused on … Read more

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