Etiqueta: Robbery

  • Saga Samantha F.

  • Los Artistas: Primeros Trazos (Serie TV)

  • Five wheat spikes (Cinco espigas)

    Nadie sospecha que las mejores panaderas del barrio son criminales.   La Tahona es la típica panadería hípster de moda. Se sitúa en una de las … Read more

  • Sara’s Bones (Los huesos de Sara)

    Some secrets should never be unearthed.   Nahuel Donaire, a journalist from the newspaper El Popular, has the mission of writing an article about the most … Read more

  • The Arrow Collector Saga (Saga El coleccionista de flechas)

    The Arrow Collector / The Glacier Crimes Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest option.   In The Arrow Collector, the peace of a remote … Read more

  • Unmask (Sin máscara)

    The honesty of a love that breaks the mold.   Roberto is a sixteen-year-old boy who began his career as a violinist at the age of … Read more

  • Saga Sunny Pascal

    Bitter Drink | The Tequila Case | A Handful of Bullets (Trago amargo | El caso tequila | Por un puñado de balas)   Movie Stars, … Read more

  • A Guy With a Bag Over His Head (Un tío con una bolsa en la cabeza)

    A corrupt mayor close to death. The oxygen dwindles as the minutes pass.     “I would have bet any of my deaths that the one … Read more

  • Shiva’s Tears Saga (Saga Las lágrimas de Shiva)

    Shiva’s Tears | The Scarlet Circle Crossed revenge, forbidden love, mysterious presences, strange disappearances…   Summer 1969. Javier is an intelligent 15-year-old who is passionate about science fiction. Unfortunately, his father is … Read more

  • The Mice of God (Los ratones de Dios)

    Where there is cheese, there will always be mice.   In July 2011, the clergy of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the north of … Read more

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