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  • La noche del oso

  • The Last Wagon (El último vagón) (Film)

    Available on Netflix  An ode to teachers who, totally committed to their jobs, are capable of doing whatever necessary for the sake of education and their … Read more

  • The list of impossible things (La lista de las cosas imposibles)

    Aprendiendo a vivir la vida que nunca imaginaron.   Cuando Guim dejó a Clara, poco antes de que cumplieran los dieciocho años, lo hizo con la … Read more

  • Ulises 2300

    Does being good at something make you passionate about it?     In the 1980s, Salomón "Crazy Horse" Narváez, a university professor and a chess lover, … Read more

  • Village Schoolteacher Saga (Saga Maestra de pueblo)

    L for Beginner | Civil Status: Opponent | Clean Slate   No matter how much experience you have, a teacher never stops learning.     In … Read more

  • The Clouds (Las nubes) (Film)

    Reason breeds madness.     THEMES: Voyage, Society, Social Class, Changes, Psychiatry, Overcoming, Ambition, Obstacles. GENRE: Dramedy.   PITCH: In present-day Paris, Pichón Garay receives a … Read more

  • A Stroke of Luck (Una suerte pequeña)

    Perhaps life is neither destiny nor chance, but to what extent do we have responsibility over certain events that happen to us?   It has been … Read more

  • When you Broke my Heart (Lo que sucedió cuando me rompiste el corazón)

    A broken heart can still beat stronger than ever. Those romantic comedies when clumsy girl meets love of her life, they fall in love, and live … Read more

  • The Heart and Seoul Saga (Saga De Seúl al Cielo)

    Lights in the Sky (Luces en el cielo) | Heart and Seoul (De Seúl al cielo) The thread of destiny might be tangled, but never broken. … Read more

  • Stillness (La quietud)

    The international adoption of a child by a broken marriage. Héctor, an architect and university professor in his 40s, is living with Ann, one of his … Read more

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