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  • Seven Kisses (Siete besos)

    Are seven kisses enough to make someone fall in love with you?   At the age of 14, Paula meets Alex in Mallorca and instantly falls … Read more

  • Every Summer in the World (Todos los veranos del mundo)

    The rekindling of a summer love.     Freshly fired from a law firm in Barcelona where she had been working for many years, Helena sets … Read more

  • My Pachunga Uncle (Mi tio pachunga)

    Obsessed with beautifying the world. Eva fondly remembers the summer that changed her life: when she met her favorite person, the incomparable and sparkling Uncle Nino. … Read more

  • Don’t Invite Me to Your Wedding (No me invites a tu boda)

    Invited to the love of his life's wedding.       A young musician is on his way to a wedding… but it´s not just any wedding. He has … Read more

  • The Cousins Inc. Saga (Saga Primos S.A.)

    The Haunted House / Riddle on the Orange-Tree Bridge / The Monastery of Spirits / The Phantom Flock   The best detective agency in the world … Read more

  • The Heart and Seoul Saga (Saga De Seúl al Cielo)

    Lights in the Sky (Luces en el cielo) | Heart and Seoul (De Seúl al cielo) The thread of destiny might be tangled, but never broken. … Read more

  • Subsoil (Subsuelo) (TV Series)

    What is not said, what is not known, what is hidden.   Summer. A property in the middle of a valley, with a country house and … Read more

  • Saga Rexcatadores (Rexcuers Saga)

      Perhaps this one will be the best summer of his life…   Imagine that your parents send you to your grandparents’ for the holidays, to … Read more

  • Verdict in the desert

    A legal trip to the deepest Arizona in the 1950s.   In the summer of 1959 in Arizona, Michael Shaw, an alcoholic lawyer struggling with his … Read more

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