Subgénero: Spy

  • Masters and dungeons serie (Serie Amos y Mazmorras)

  • The inca Spy (El espía del inca)

  • Nanny Petrov – Original Project

    If you want a good nanny, call the CIA.   Lola García, a Spanish spy as beautiful as she is lethal, is sent to Mexico to … Read more

  • David Ribas Series

    The Operative | The Terrorist Attack | The Kidnapping | Bombay Express | Bombay: No Way Out | Bombay: Last Revenge | Criminal Code | Terrorist … Read more

  • License to spy (Licencia para espiar)

    Women who dedicated their life to the dangerous art of espionage.   When we think about female spies, Mata Hari and World War I usually come … Read more

  • Hilda Krüger

    A complex investigative operation of a Nazi spy in México.   Hilda Krüger, an attractive and sophisticated German actress, starred in one of the most extravagant … Read more

  • The Nazis in México (Los nazis en México)

    A distant territory becomes Hitler’s obsession to achieve victory.   In the 1930s, Mexico becomes an obsession for Adolf Hitler. The war had not yet begun, … Read more

  • Tequila effect (Efecto tequila)

    A former spy returns to save a country.   Elvis Alezcano, known among his colleagues as "Hendrix's Guitar," is a former agent of the Federal Security … Read more

  • Operation protector (Operación protector) (TV Series)

    Invisible heroes protecting us from things we don’t know are there.   A Belgian inspector commits suicide in the autumn of 2015 after discovering that he … Read more

  • The Baroness of Wilson (La Baronesa de Wilson) – Original project for TV Series

    The story of a brilliant imposter.   Emilia Serrano, a fake "baroness" by marriage and ahead of her time, was a powerful publishing and fashion businesswoman, … Read more

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