Etiqueta: High fantasy

  • The Idhun Chronicles (TV Series)

    Available on Netflix  The Resistance | Triad | Pantheon  On the day that Ashran the Necromancer caused the conjunction of the three suns and the three … Read more

  • The last explorer (El último explorador)

    The adventures of a time travelling explorer and his first encounter with his daughter, Lluvia   The Last Explorer tells the tale of Horacio Kustos, an … Read more

  • Kustos Saga

    The Secret Door | All Together Now! The great explorer of the 21st century.                                               Horacio Kustos is a traveler who arrives late in the history of … Read more

  • The Fantasyburg Saga (Saga Bichos Raros)

    The Mystery of the Fluorescent Unicorns | The Mystery of the Know-it-all Sphynx El enigma de los unicornios fluorescentes | El enigma de la esfinge sabelotodo … Read more

  • Saga The creator of games (Saga El inventor de juegos)

    When life and games become intermixed. Iván Dragó, a seven-year-old boy, participates in a contest to create the best game of the world. Iván creates a … Read more

  • The Universe of Escarlatina Saga

    The underworld awaits!   Román loves cooking, and that’s why his parents give him a cooking course for his birthday. But, since they don’t have a … Read more

  • La balada de los unicornios (The Ballad of the Unicorns)

    Fantasy and science mix in a fight to death that confronts ravens and unicorns. The School of Artifacts and Trades of London only accepts the most … Read more

  • The Alex Colt Saga (TV Series)

    The awkward and maladjusted kid of the class has been the chosen one to protect the Universe. Alex Colt is a clumsy and maladjusted human boy … Read more

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