Etiqueta: Inheritance

  • Picasso, my grandfather. (Picasso, mi abuelo).

    The lights and shadows of a genius.    PITCH: Pablo Picasso is one of the best known and most successful figures of the 20th Century. However, … Read more

  • The father’s law (La ley del padre)

    Even if they willing to kill, they will always be proper people. The Gómez-Arjona’s are the owners of Grupo9, one of the most important media conglomerates … Read more

  • The Little Orphans (Los huerfanitos)

    Three brothers who hate each other and an inheritance at stake.       Ausias Susmozas is the owner and patriarch of the Pigalle, a theater … Read more

  • My Obsession Saga (Saga Mi obsesión) (TV Series)

    My Obsession | My Perversion | My Temptation She has the power to either destroy him or save him.   Edgar Warren. His name inspires seriousness, … Read more

  • The Austrians Saga (Saga Los Austrias)

    The Eagle´s Flight | Time is in your hands Three possible successors to the crown… one single throne.   It is the year 1504. The throne … Read more

  • The Karen Nieto Saga (TV Series)

    "Don't you ever let anyone tell you that you're inferior. You are not. You're simply different." Karen Nieto is a wild 12-year-old girl, without language, and … Read more

  • Neko café

    You don´t need 7 lives. You can find happiness in this one. Nagore is a woman about to turn forty whose life in London has been … Read more

  • Collateral Inheritance (Herencias colaterales)

    The past kills. Ernest Claramunt, a distinguished lawyer, makes an agreement with Mrs. Puigmajor, an old woman almost 80 years old. He will pay her a … Read more

  • From Cayetana to Cayetano

    The historical burden of a family dynasty. Being part of the House of Alba is a tremendous privilege, but it also entails a huge responsibility for … Read more

  • The Last Gift of Paulina Hoffmann (El último regalo de Paulina Hoffmann)

    Exile after war, and a love that hurts to death.   After finding out in her grandmother’s will that she has just inherited an apartment in … Read more

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