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  • Horchata Blood (Sangre de horchata)

    In the face of family drama, blood cold like horchata.   Belén Alba is sixteen years old and lives in a modernist palace in one of … Read more

  • Melodrama

      In love and poverty, anything is possible Vidal, a handsome young man, moves from his native Colombia to Paris with a Machiavellian plan: to transform … Read more

  • Cómo perderlo todo

      Todos estamos conectados por el amor y sus miserias. El primero de enero de 2016, el anciano profesor de filosofía, Horacio Pizarro, comete el error … Read more

  • Getting to know each other again (Volver a conocernos)

    About what we gain while we’re losing it all.   Hugo, a seven-year-old boy, is going through the worst moment of his life: his parents —whose … Read more

  • Moles (Topos)

    No one could possibly imagine what’s going on down there.   A forgotten bunker from the Spanish Civil War. After all this time, no one has … Read more

  • Aquitania

    A courageous woman in a man’s world.   It is the year 1137. The Duque of Aquitania, the most powerful region in France, appears dead in … Read more

  • The Queen’s Jeweler (El joyero de la reina)

    Jewelry helps you forget the dark side of life. In the year 2014, Queen Letizia received from Queen Sofía the most beautiful legacy of the Spanish … Read more

  • The Psychodrome (Psicódromo)

    He lost everything he had, including his identity, only to find it again on the street.     Eliseo Fainzilber is a retired psychoanalyst who becomes … Read more

  • Lost Days (Días perdidos)

    The teasing of a macabre clown triggers a series of murders.     The peaceful life of a small town in the north of Spain is … Read more

  • Between Dreams (Entre los sueños)

    A marriage, a desolate place, and a scientific discovery interrupted by an unknown threat.         Sonia and Juan are two recently married physicists who … Read more

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