Etiqueta: Revenge

  • The racer or the souls the devil carries (El corredor o las almas que lleva el diablo)

    Violence, death and gasoline.   An illegal race from Monterrey to Saltillo, six racers, and an award of 1,2 million pesos for the winner. A special … Read more

  • A second before the fury (Un segundo antes de la furia)

    It’s whenever she wants it. No regrets, no barriers, no limits.   Martina has always been told how she should behave. She's 30 years old, has … Read more

  • The Arrow Collector Saga (Saga El coleccionista de flechas)

    The Arrow Collector / The Glacier Crimes Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest option.   In The Arrow Collector, the peace of a remote … Read more

  • I Spit on your Grave (Escupiré sobre vuestra tumba) (Serie TV)

    Some evils can only be corrected with revenge.   United States 1940s. Lee Anderson is a Black man who looks white; he has light eyes and … Read more

  • Dying by killing (Morir Matando) (TV Series)

    A terrible massacre leaves a girl orphaned and a violent hitman becomes her protector.   The media called it "the Piñata Massacre." On August 13, 2018, … Read more

  • Even the Darkest Night (Terra Alta) (TV Series)

    He was a fair man; the world wasn’t though.   A terrible crime has shaken up the peaceful region of Terra Alta: the owners of its … Read more

  • Aquitania

    A courageous woman in a man’s world.   It is the year 1137. The Duque of Aquitania, the most powerful region in France, appears dead in … Read more

  • Surviving (Sobreviviendo)

    Could you become someone you are not only to obtain something you have always wanted? Val Valdés, can.   Val Valde’s life changes radically the day … Read more

  • No fury like that

    A satire of second chances, death, redemption, and justice.     Julia Redner is a ruthless businesswoman, a Miranda Priestly type who is obsessed with success and … Read more

  • Saga Everything Burns (Todo arde)

    Three women. They took everything they had from them. Now, they have nothing to lose.    The three protagonists of this story have lost everything, that’s … Read more

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