Etiqueta: Urban fantasy

  • Saga Samantha F.

  • Pérák

    Czech Republic’s first superheroe. Myth or truth?   Perak had springs on his legs with which he could even jump streets. With supernatural abilities he became … Read more

  • Saga Albert Zimmer

    Albert Zimmer I: The Witch of Berchtesgaden | Albert Zimmer II: The Murderer of the Senses A funny and sinister young man solving murder cases committed … Read more

  • Devised Sin (Con pecado concebido)

    There is nothing worse than an unwanted pregnancy. Especially when the baby is the antichrist.       From hell, an abject branch of the forces … Read more

  • Red and in a Bottle (Rojo y en botella)

    An unlikely tandem made up of a human cop and a vampire cop hunt down a dangerous killer.   Vampires and humans live in peaceful coexistence, … Read more

  • The Ghost Girls Club (El club de las niñas fantasma)

    Let's discover the ghostly world!     Carmen and René, two 10-year-olds, are classmates in elementary school. Carmen is an extroverted, social and "popular" girl, unlike … Read more

  • Letters for Lluvia (Cartas para lluvia)

    Lluvia discovers her father's adventures.                                                 Lluvia is the daughter of the famous explorer Horacio Kustos. Her mother, Nieve, is a young woman who has … Read more

  • Saga 14/7

    The Discovery | Fusion of Axes | Division of the Alters   These girls will have to face something darker and more complicated than their adolescent … Read more

  • The School Mayhem Saga (Saga ¡Vaya Cole!)

    Adrian creates a Big Bang | Bianca against the Barbarians (Adrián hace un Big Bang | Blanca contra los bárbaros)   At the end of Turmoil … Read more

  • The Multicosmos Saga (Saga Multicosmos)

    Pixelated virtual adventures | Trapped with no Wi-Fi | The drones rebellion| Mess in the time-space Have you ever been so hooked by a videogame that … Read more

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